10 the most important principles of tanning

bikini woman1- How long to sunbathe on the first day?

Type I
Light skin
Red hair
Green eyes, blue

Typ II
The skin is darker than type I
Blond hair
Blue eyes, grey

Light skin – to light brown
Dark blonde hair, Brown

Gray eyes, Brown

Type IV
Brown leather, olive
Dark brown hair. black

Dark eyes

When using the cream for type I: 5 – 10 min.; with type II: 10 -20 min.; with type III: 20 – 30 min.; with type IV: 30 – 45 min.

2. Sunlight is a blessing. Supports metabolism, participates in the production of vitamin D., reduces stress, improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

3. The most effective protection against skin burns is provided by a series of irradiations in the solarium. This preparation makes, that the tan lasts longer. Best date – 4 weeks before vacation.

4. Good to remember, that ultraviolet radiation damages the genetic code of cells.
There are pathological changes inside them. The degenerated cells keep multiplying, they get stronger - putting healthy cells at risk.

5. Emulsions, creams with filters protect the skin against burns. But if you have a sensitive complexion, shorten the tanning time to a minimum. You will avoid problems.

6. Human skin contains substances that protect it from burns for some time. Depending on the complexion, this time varies.

7. Protective measures include 2 filter types: chemical – limiting the penetration of rays and physical – which reflects them like a mirror.

8. UVT rays are responsible for browning the skin, component of sunlight. Some of them are retained by the ozone layer, part arrives.

9. Samoopalanie polega na tym, that the chemical compounds of creams or gels combine with proteins and amino acids in the skin. Their use does not protect the skin.

10. The avocado mask helps to keep the tan: mash half the fruit with 1 egg yolk and a little lemon juice. Apply to face and décolleté, hold 20 minutes.