Cambridge – powder diet

woman- foodI read the lady's confessions, who has lost weight 40 kilograms, using the Cambridge diet. I would like to know, what is this way of losing weight.”

It is a diet consisting in replacing normal food products with powdered preparations (two soups and three drinks to choose from), minimizing consumed calories. The daily dose contains only 400 kcal, but it has all the ingredients necessary for the body. It is also recommended to drink approx. 2 different liters, calorie-free drinks, mainly mineral water. By following the Cambridge diet, we lose weight quickly (after 3 weeks a few kilos), but just as fast – after discontinuation of preparations – we go back to the previous weight. So you have to gently switch to your normal diet afterwards, e.g.. replacing at least one traditional meal with powdered soup from this diet for a long time. You shouldn't go on a diet without a doctor's advice. This is especially true of young people, the elderly and those suffering from heart disease, cardiovascular system, diabetes, hypertension. A weekly set of soups and cocktails costs approx. 100 PLN. Cambridge diet products are sold by trained consultants. They conduct an interview about the patient's health, give a health card to complete, which should be confirmed by a doctor. The consultant contacts the slimming people throughout the diet. Detailed information and addresses of consultants in the country can be obtained from the Cambridge Diet Center.