Does my husband no longer love me?

pan-bed“I do not know, what is happening to my husband. After the wedding (2 years ago), he still wanted to make love. Now we're going to bed and I have to talk, for my husband to touch my body, caressed me, he made love to me. Argues, that there are no such sexual needs anymore, and yet it has only 22 patch. Can his behavior testify to this?, that he stopped loving me anymore?”

In men, sexual needs are greatest precisely during this period, approx 20 years. Therefore, with high probability, you can bet, that your husband's problems are not caused by age, nor any health disorders. However, this may be the cause, that something is wrong with your marriage. After all, sexual desire is related to the feeling of love. Maybe in your case this love has cooled down a bit? Although you should also be aware of this, that great desire most often accompanies the first phase of full infatuation with partners. Then comes the phase of quiet love, and the desire is no longer as great as it was at the beginning. Perhaps you are in this phase. if so, therefore there is no need to make an alarm.