Father and daughter

teenager“My mom and my siblings understand me very well, while my father challenges me, mom and sister since (sorry for the words) k… and rags. I'm fed up with living like this at home. I wanted to run away once, but i still think about mom. Please give me some advice, because I will either kill myself, or I'll run away, or I'll do something wrong.”

This is not a problem on your shoulders. In my opinion, the only person, who can do something about this, make a difference (if he wants to change at all), is your mom. You can only support her in this. You definitely shouldn't make any dramatic decisions, though, because no escape, nor suicide, neither of that, what comes to mind, they won't change anything.

Your mom should have tough conditions on her father: "Or change your behavior, or get out of the house, or we will leave ". Sometimes the endurance of a family like yours is worse than breaking it down. You don't have to be afraid to think about that as well.