Girls with a virginity complex

teenagerThey are attractive and smart. But sometimes they feel inferior to their peers just because of that, that they have not yet begun their sex life. Until recently, teen sex was a scandalous phenomenon, not accepted. Today, in some youth circles, I am ashamed to admit my virginity. He contributed to this, disseminated by films or colorful magazines for young people, the cult of sex as a symbol of success. Some girls, staring at the characters of TV series or listening to the stories of more experienced friends, feel defective in comparison with them. This belief breeds a complex.

Fatal consequences. When sexual freedom is in fashion in the social group, Girls, who have not entered into sexual life are afraid of being excluded or ridiculed. So they lie most often, telling stories of intoxicating nights and wonderful lovers. And then they live in constant fear, that the truth will come out.

Others feeling "handicapped."” because of virginity, they decide to have intercourse with a random partner. They dream of the romantic love of a responsible boyfriend, but they don't have enough patience, to wait for the right person. Under pressure from the environment, they feel compelled to lose their virtue with anyone. It happens quite often, that they are going on vacation with a strong determination to “pass” that first night. It's dangerous, because a random partner can be disappointing, and yet the first intercourse often affects a woman's entire future erotic life.

Sometimes this complex takes a different form – the girl begins to consider herself unattractive and exaggerates any defects in beauty. It seems to her, that carcass, the shape of the legs or the unfashionable color of the hair causes the opposite sex to fail. It starts to lose weight rapidly, dreams of plastic surgery, she uncritically tries out new cosmetics on herself. He tries to look like the stars of the movie, stage or friends.
There is also another danger: young women affected by this complex can sometimes make something of their virginity, thanks to which they will consider themselves better than experienced friends. They can also tell themselves, that men are not worth their attention and avoid all contact, closing in on my alienation and feeling very lonely.

You have the right to choose. The average Polish woman starts having sex when it is finished 19 years. If the girls knew about it, would not believe indiscriminately in the stories of their friends about their conquests.

At times, when magazines eroticism, television, ads, it is easier for girls with a strong family or peer background to define their views on virginity. Christian faith helps many. Another – sense of dignity, respect for the body, conviction, that it is worth waiting for a partner with initiation, whom they will love. The most important is, to live up to your own beliefs and not do anything under pressure from the group.