Health or science?

baby food“I am the mother of a six-year-old, who goes to grade 0. He copes with science without any problems, although it leaves a lot (is allergic). I'm afraid, that in the future (considering the overload of a difficult curriculum) will stop cope. I work and I will have little time, to help the child make up for the gaps; Besides, the son is very shy, feels bad among new people, and at the same time he just fawns at his peers, lends them toys, he cannot fight for his own. The teacher says, that he is secretive. Friends with a little older child told me, that I will have to choose: or the health of the child, or his learning progress. What to do?”

It seems to me, that you belong to people, who worry twice: once, before anything happens, second time, when there are reasons for it. This is too much time, is not it?

I think, that most of your problems with your son are caused by your tendency to be overly anxious. You pass on your attitudes to your son and hence his problems with contacts with peers, as well as health problems. I advise you not to bother with this, what may happen in the future, or rather, try to calm down and yourself, and son.

Regarding the possible (!) your son's problems with science, this even if he had to miss a lot of lessons (health is more important), this is first – it seems to me, that he is a gifted child and numerous absences should not hinder his progress in learning, a po drugie – when the son is sick, you will probably be on sick leave to look after him, So you will find time to help your child make up for the shortcomings. I think too, that a good remedy for your troubles would be a decision to enlarge your family. It follows from the letter, that the son needs siblings very much (hence such, and not a different attitude towards his peers). In the new situation, your concentration on him would decrease. It would be, in my opinion, very beneficial.