How to prevent "spider veins”

spider-faceThe skin on the face requires special care during frosty days. Rapid temperature changes (e.g.. exit from the heated room to frost), eating hot food and drinking alcohol, coffee, teas cause people with fragile blood vessels to burst. The fragility of the vessels is a symptom of the lack of vitamin C in the body, among other things. Small subcutaneous ecchymoses appear singly or in larger clusters on the face, most often, however, are located around the nostrils and on the cheeks. Popękane naczynka możemy usunąć w gabinecie kosmetycznym za pomocą zabiegu zwanego elektrolizą. Persons, who have these kinds of problems, they should wash their face alternately with hot and cold water during the morning and evening toilet. Thanks to this the skin
will become less sensitive to rapid temperature changes. I also recommend two herbal treatments to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

I sposób: Pour the sea-buckthorn berries into the vessel in equal parts, goals ruty, ash leaves. Then pour boiling water over the herbs. Dissolve a teaspoon of this elixir in a glass of hot water and drink it once a day.

II sposób: Firefly and St. John's wort herb and mint leaves, nettles, Mix the rue in equal proportions and make the brew. We drink the liquid three times a day, one teaspoon each.

Instead of herbal mixtures, we can also use propolis (Bee putty), which also has healing properties – enough 20 drops a day.

The systematic use of herbs gives visible results.