Makeup for the green-eyed woman

green-eye“I have a round face, dark hair; fair complexion, green eyes: What my makeup should look like? How to emphasize the eyes? What shadows of powders, I should be using ink?”

Your beauty can be classified as a winter type. You should use a skin-colored foundation or a shade darker, in a light beige color. Correcting the shape of a round face with foundations is difficult, requires great accuracy and skill. For this purpose, you will need foundations in two colors. Apply a bright cosmetic to the forehead, cheeks, US, chin and neck, while darker on the sides of the face (from the cheekbones down, narrowing the wedge towards the chin). Underlays should be evenly distributed and blend smoothly into each other. Now we powder our face and neck with transparent loose powder. For eye makeup, we use eye shadows that match the color of the clothes or that contrast with the color of the irises. Lady, I would recommend delicate purples, grays or cold browns. The method of applying the shadows depends on the shape of the eye. My advice is to apply a light shade in the inner corners and under the eyebrows, and cover the rest with dark. Po nałożeniu cieni należy starannie wytuszować rzęsy Następnie nakładamy róż w delikatnym kolorze. Zaczynamy od kości policzkowej, leading the blush to and temples and slightly down to the corners of the mouth. The color of the lipstick should be in harmony with the shade of pink. I would recommend the pink tone, and even red.
You can use cosmetics in more intense shades for evening make-up, and emphasize the eyes with a dark line.