Fragrant house

oilsProperly selected mixtures of vegetable oils help to fight various diseases and ailments, both physical, and mental.

Smell is the most sensitive of the senses. Choć człowiekowi daleko do takich mistrzów w tej dziedzinie, like a dog or a pig, our nose is extremely sensitive. We can even smell the characteristic vanilla scent even then, when it is hers 1 I play in ten million cubic meters of air (the volume of an average room is approx 50 m3).

We perceive scent stimuli subconsciously and rarely are aware of the impact, which they exert on our well-being and physical condition. The smell of flowers and fresh grass in the meadow makes us happy and optimistic, and the characteristic smell of disinfectants in the hospital makes you nervous and depressed, even if we had no reasons for it.

The influence of smells on the human psyche has been known since the earliest times.
Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, The Romans liked perfumes, considering them a beautifying and stimulating agent.

The therapeutic properties of fragrances have also been known and used in practice for a long time. In the Middle Ages, for example, pillows were stuffed with hop cones, which were supposed to bring you restful sleep. Recent analyzes by modern scientists have shown, that the smell of one of the ingredients of hops oil has a strong calming effect.

Modern medicine began to appreciate the usefulness of essential plant oils in alleviating the symptoms of certain diseases and restoring mental and physical well-being of patients.

Inhaling the aroma of carefully selected blends of natural essential oils helps to remove the stress caused by everyday problems, insomnia, rheumatic pains, skin diseases and other ailments.

When it is frost and rainy outside, we open windows less often. Stuffy interiors greatly intensify the winter depression. That is why it is so important, to make your home smell good. Not only aromatic fireplaces will help to survive the difficult period of winter for the human body, short, no sunny days and no colds. The various air fresheners available in stores will also bring some spring freshness to your home.

Unusual oils.
Aromatherapy oils are offered by Pollena Aroma in the Dr Beta series – Aroma-therapy Oils. Plants grown on ecological plantations were used to produce them. The series consists of individual oils (e.g.. of rosemary, lavender, thyme, Melissa and others), as well as mixtures for inhalation in various diseases (vapomixy). There is also a fireplace for evaporating them.

By a fragrant fireplace. Aromatherapy fireplaces are the most popular and convenient form of aromatherapy. Made of ceramics, have a special candle compartment at the bottom, and at the top a bowl for a mixture of oils (10 – 20 drops, most often in 1 – 2 tablespoons of water). The heat of the flame causes the mixture to evaporate and the aroma is dispersed in the air, In shops you will find fireplaces of all shapes and colors, standing and hanging.

Here are some recipes for aromatic blends. We can pour them into the fireplace or soak them in a handkerchief.


Purifying the air

ol. pine 3 drops

ol. lemon 3 drops

ol. mirtowy 2 drops

Cheering up

ol. orange 4 drops

ol. of rosemary 2 drops

ol. miętowy 2 drops

ol. pine 1 drop


ol. orange 4 drops

ol. of rosemary 3 drops

ol. juniper 1 drop

ol. eucalyptus 1 drop


Facilitating concentration

ol. of rosemary 5 drops

ol. orange 1 drop

lavender oil 2 drops

ol. geranium 2 drops


ol. orange 3 drops

ol. of rosemary 1 drop

ol. lavender 4 drops

ol. geranium 2 drops



ol. różany 2 drops

ol. lavender 7 drops

ol. orange 2 drops

For beautiful dreams

ol. lavender 5 drops

ol. juniper 3 drops

ol. orange 1 drop

ol. thyme 1 drop

Removing morning fatigue

ol. orange 3 drops

ol. lavender 3 drops

ol. clove 2 drops

ol. of rosemary 2 drops