Studies or a painful breakup?

“I'm a single mother. They are raising a few months old daughter. The child's father has little interest in us, nor can I count on my mother's help. And I would like to finish my interrupted studies so much. The mother of the child's father offers me help. Unfortunately, lives in a remote town and her daughter would have to live with her permanently. Then I will rarely be able to visit my child. What to do?”

There is no doubt, that getting an education is of great importance to you, especially since, as you write, you cannot count on help from any of your relatives. Finishing your studies will certainly make it easier for you to find a well-paid and satisfying job in the future, which indirectly can also be of great importance for your child. At the same time, you must take into account the mental needs of the child. If the daughter is not yet five months old, he probably will not survive the separation from the Lady so badly, that it might affect her future love life. However, if the child is older, this situation can not only disturb the emotional bond between you, but also bonds with other significant people in his life. You even have to take into account the onset of orphan disease. This danger will disappear, if the mother-in-law is well placed in the role of mother. In this case, you only have to take into account this, that the emotional contacts between you and the child will weaken. However, this should not be detrimental to the child's development process. So please try to visit the child as often as possible. It will, that the bond between you will nevertheless be maintained. Please also remember, that a child may experience very much the need to part with his grandmother at the moment, when you finish your studies and want to take the baby to your home. I hope, that the child would then be of age (about 3 years), in which it is easier to endure such breakups, thus causing less damage to the fragile child's psyche.