Mother-in-law fum

headache“My mother-in-law hates me from the beginning. Never before she didn't say outright, but I can sense it from her behavior, after the mines, which he does. As if she deliberately wanted to make me feel guilty. Should I pretend, I can't see it? Or maybe he will make a fuss in the end?”

You should make a fuss in the end. Mother-in-law has destroyed countless families, therefore they do not deserve consideration and protection. I think, that it would be best, if you and your husband did this row. This is often the case in married couples, that the mother-in-law's fumes take place with the tacit consent of her son. It is worth considering, is it not the same in your case?. For I have been instructed by experience, that if the spouses are loyal to each other and always walk on a common front, the worst mother-in-law cannot harm them. Since the mother-in-law, however, it is harmful, I suspect, that he does it "with the blessing" of his son. So I advise you, that you request a declaration of loyalty from your husband. He should tell his mother clearly and firmly, that she would stop interfering with your life.