Is the cult of virtue fading away??

the apple womanAlthough the Church stands in position, that sexual intercourse should begin after marriage, young people – according to the surveys – they do not demand, that the spouse should bring her virginity as a dowry. Woman, who has sexual experience is no longer condemned in our culture.
Men, however, did not come to terms with the sexual freedom of women, because they are careful, that this threatens them.
The reason for this mindset is an innate desire for male domination. The man wants to conquer and test himself in new conquests.

A special trophy in this peculiar hunting is “entering the area that has not been conquered so far”. Sex with a virgin, which has no comparisons, convinces the man, that she will be delighted with it, what he offers her.

Most men assume it, że dziewica to doskonały materiał na wychowanie sobie pożądanej przez nich partnerki. Rarely, a woman's first sexual contact ends with an orgasm. She only learns a map of her body, erotic stimulation, the pleasures of sexual tension. Not burdened with any experiences, it will be easier to adapt to the partner's needs.

it is true, that sex is learned by practice. However, rash decisions about sexual intercourse "because my friends have already done it” may have unpleasant consequences. With fear of intercourse, and even coldness altogether. "Do I want this? Am i mature?” – this question, which the girl who is about to have intercourse must answer.