Why can't we have a baby?

pregnant-computer-woman“I know, that when it turns out, that I cannot give my husband a child, will go away from me. Is there any more chance for us?”

You are asking for the impossible. I am unable to answer the question, will you be able to get pregnant, because I don't know the reasons, for which you are childless. I know one thing – such situations are extremely rare, in which men leave their partners solely because of, that they can't
Have children. They certainly experience the lack of a child as much as women, but in such situations it is what depresses them the most, that their wives are very unhappy about it. If the matter of having a child is so important to you, if the durability of your relationship can depend on it, and if the doctors confirmed it, that you will not be able to get pregnant, I suggest you consider adoption. I assure you, that marriage, who adopt a child, they are as happy as these, who have their own children.