Meat for roast

Breaded cutlets and cutlets are fried in oil, margarine or well-warmed lard, slowly, on lower heat, to prevent the bun from burning.
Meat for roast: beef, mutton and venison (also hares and wild ducks) a few days before baking it is beaten with a rolling pin, rubs with salt mixed with ground pepper and allspice, bay leaf, possibly tarragon, cover with onion slices and wrap in a cloth soaked in vinegar diluted with cold water or even better in sour red wine. The beef cutlets, on the other hand, will be perfect, if they lie in cream mixed with onions, spices and mustard, and veal simply in sour milk or sweet, acidified lemon spice, with the addition of herbs, e.g.: basil, marigolds, majeranku.