This moment has come in my child's life, where I said enough hair, which one last (although it is not lush) it was dispelling in every direction. A friend came with help, hairdresser, who just visited us and just right (completely by accident) she had the appropriate equipment with her. So I thought: now, or never (of course with this “never” I exaggerated with the decade, but for the appropriate dramaturgy it is sometimes useful to use such a term). So I sat Alan in his chair… something did not suit him anymore, because the chair was not sitting at the kitchen table as usual, it was only pulled into the middle of the corridor… sour expression… he broke when he put on the cloak and began to roar. I thought, that this is where we will end our hairdressing trials, because I'm not going to stress him, and let it overgrow, if he gets older, it may be possible to use the scissors safely. An experienced friend, however, did not give up. She started conducting, take Alan on your knees, hug each other and hold him 🙂 I did what she said, Alan calmed down, he didn't even react, when she covered us with a great black cloak: Carramba! – I thought – so swirled around us like the clever and mysterious Don Pedro of the Land of the Rainbows. Managed to! We have the first haircut done without any health detriment – the scissors only cut the hair. Maybe there is not much difference, but for me it's still a success.

I did not pass, that my child will experience hair cutting in this way, because after the whole procedure he showed me movements on his head with a meaningful gesture many times that day and the next day, talking about it, że było obcinanie. Ciekawa jestem jak będzie kolejnym razem.

Is said to be, that when you are with your child day in and day out, you cannot see how it grows. Not at all… I can see great changes in Alan, first, clothes, secondly after keeping, third, finally it comes (more and more efficiently) so day after day it surprises me with something new.
To avoid further loss of plates in the kitchen (securing the lockers did nothing, he has already dealt with opening these safeguards) I prepared one shelf for Alan, which is solely His. He liked her, he hides his treasures there and is very happy, when, as if by chance, he finds them there. Thanks to this, he visits other cabinets much less frequently. I wonder how long this trick will work.

But I wrote about us today 🙂 in fact, it was not so extensive a long time, so I'm catching up a little. W takim razie z tego miejsca chciałabym jeszcze pozdrowić Biedronki z którymi będziemy się rzadziej widywać, so take the opportunity today, that we could still meet, there were many memories and dreams about the future. Alan liked the youngest Ladybug very much: Zosia.

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