Buying a dishwasher – what to ask the seller?

Buying a dishwasher – what to ask the seller?

Shops offer many models of dishwashers, you can see their width at first glance, which is 45 or 60 cm. However, this is a secondary issue, and the most important is the energy class and the amount of water used for washing.

External appearance and dimensions

The dishwasher model should be adjusted to our needs as much as possible, also in terms of size, and in terms of appearance. Standard dimensions are available in stores, or 60 and 45 cm. If someone chooses a built-in dishwasher, they can choose, whether the panel will be visible, whether it will be hidden, and by choosing a freestanding dishwasher you can define the color – white or inox. A built-in model is better or not? It also depends on individual preferences. Both models are virtually the same apart from their looks, and often built-in dishwashers are more problematic, because you have to order custom-made furniture for them, because built-in dishwasher solutions are not always available in stores.

Important parameters

For example, water consumption is very important parameters. A good dishwasher uses much less water than washing dishes by hand, the difference is even five times less! The latest models are able to complete the entire washing cycle using only 6,5 liter of water, so it is worth taking care of it, to select a model, which does not take in too much water.

The energy class is also extremely important, that is, how much electricity a given dishwasher consumes. Best class to A, and even better than it is class A + or A ++. Class A consumes approx 1,05 kWh, and this one of the higher class from 0,73 do 0,95 kWh, although the difference seems small, it is the higher class that pays off in the end. Capacity is also important, because it depends on how many sets you can fit into the dishwasher at once, but the noise level of the dishwasher is not so important, because most of the new models are really quiet. Asking about the above-mentioned parameters will allow you to find the optimal solution for each home, and sellers are happy to answer such questions.

Placement and use

Where to put the dishwasher? The kitchen is of course the logical place, because it is the most convenient solution. There are probably no major problems with that, where to put such equipment, because currently used insulations are quite decent, and in case of doubt, you can ask the seller in the store to look at the instructions for use. The optimal places for placing household appliances will be listed there.

Using the dishwasher is rather easy for anyone, of course, read the instructions carefully before using it for the first time, so, so that you can get to know the operation of its programs and choose the optimal program for yourself. Before placing the dishes in the dishwasher, remove large pieces of food or rinse them gently, after placing them, you need to pour salt in the right places, as well as rinse aid, if it is needed. You need to put a tablet in the detergent container, close the dishwasher and select the correct program. The program is only up to the degree of soiling of the dishes and sometimes to the material from which they are made.

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