Washing Machine – big or small?

Washing Machine – big or small?

When choosing a dishwasher, you need to choose its size. Usually, this decision is made based on that, how often meals are eaten at home and how many household members stay there. The dimensions available in the kitchen are also important. The fewer people live in a given house, the smaller dishwasher you can buy, however, a large family may even need space for fourteen sets of tableware at a time!

The best size for the dishwasher

The size of the dishwasher should suit your individual needs. Small dishwashers with a width from 45 cm do 55 cm are perfect for single people or small families. Up to nine sets of tableware can fit in such a dishwasher. Which means one set? This is one deep plate each, dinner plate, dessert plate, a cup or glass and one set of basic cutlery. Smaller families and single people should pay attention to this when looking for the right equipment, can you wash fewer things when using the right program for this, this is the so-called "half load" program. As a result, less electricity and water are used, and washing can be set daily, instead of waiting a few days, until the dishwasher is full. Persons, that use the dishwasher sporadically, because they don't eat much at home or they want to buy it for a summer cottage, may opt for a compact dishwasher, which is slightly larger than a microwave dishwasher, and you can put up to four or six sets at a time.

Bigger size, for a larger family

Larger families, however, will need a larger dishwasher. Larger models have 60 cm wide and fit about twelve or fourteen sets of tableware and additionally there is a lot of space to wash other dishes. Thanks to this solution, a lot of water is saved, and also a lot of time.

Even choosing a worse quality dishwasher can save a lot. Washing fourteen sets at a time uses up to four times less water than washing by hand, because the dishwasher needs, depending on the program, from six to fifteen liters of water for the entire cycle. Low water consumption is due to filters and a special water circulation system. Washing by hand is much less economical in this respect, even ninety liters of water are needed for such an amount of tableware. When you look at the really significant differences in water consumption, it is not surprising, that the dishwasher is promoted as an ecological solution. The energy consumption is also not high, and if you choose A ++ class equipment, it can only amount to 0,9 kWh. The A ++ class is even 50% savings over another high end, i.e. class A! Considering the constantly rising electricity prices, it is definitely worthwhile.

In addition, the dishwasher also saves time. All you have to do is put the dishes in it, set the appropriate program, and after a while to take out clean things. The work that needs to be done is minimal and you do not have to come into contact with detergents while washing the dishes. By using the dishwasher you can spend much more time on other pleasures, for example, such as walking or reading books.

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