How to choose a kitchen mixer

How to choose a kitchen mixer

There are many kitchen mixers on the market, choosing the right mixer is not easy. When shopping, you can choose between many different options.

Manual or stationary?

The most important division is the division into handheld and stationary mixers. The handheld mixer is portable, you can add different tips to it, and more elaborate models also have a bowl, cup, shredder or accessories such as weight. The price of the simplest models is low, and thanks to that, that they are easy to carry are a popular choice. However, when choosing such a model, it must be operated while holding it in your hand.

Stationary mixers are characterized by this, that they have a permanently mounted body with endings, attached to the bowl. Their power is higher and they have a greater speed range, as well as a larger bowl. Their performance is also better, so the prices are also much higher. They are not often bought in Poland, although they have many functions. Planetary mixers are their "subcategory", with almost unlimited expansion possibilities.

Mixer components

Depending on the selected mixer, different attachments are available. In addition to the standard tips, tips with a wide tape or bent are available, which are designed to make the dough more thoroughly, spiral tips, however, grind the dough, for example, on a cake, and the whisking tips, grating or mixing machines are often available for purchase as additional options. The mixing bowl may also be different – the most common are plastic or metal bowls. Some bowls are turned, while others don't. Some mixers are equipped with cups, which can be used for slicing or cutting various vegetables and fruits. The choice of toppings depends on it, what the mixer will be used for, and some of them can be purchased for the mixer later. The most expensive models also have such a convenience as additional weight, therefore, when mixing the dough in the mixing bowl, the amount of products can be immediately weighed.

Important parameters

Most of the parameters of the equipment are listed on the label or in the instructions for use. Power is one of the most important values, should be matched to this, what we are going to do with a given mixer. Whipping eggs or making a light sponge cake won't require a powerful mixer, a hand blender is enough, whose power ranges from 100 In to 500 W. On the other hand, heavy yeast dough will require a more powerful desktop mixer, whose power varies between 500 In to even 1000 W! Speed ​​regulation is also important. Basic mixers have 2 or 3 regulations, and the more extensive ones even 16 regulation. Most of the mixers also have a turbo function, which allows you to operate at top speed for a certain moment. The latest models of mixers are controlled using the LCD display.

The volume of the mixer is also important, usually it ranges between 64dB and 77dB. Unfortunately, but there are no very quiet mixers, they are all rather loud. Choosing a mixer will be easier for sure, if you know what to consider when choosing it.

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