Buying a multifunction food processor

Buying a multifunction food processor

Multifunctional robots can replace many devices. Thanks to the extensive options, their use is a pleasure. However, choosing the right robot is not easy, what to look for?

Robot power and number of revolutions

The right power guarantees a job well done. The higher the power and the longer the robot will run without overheating. Sometimes, in smaller models, the engine turns off after just five minutes of operation, because it is overheated. The best choice is the power in between 800 a 1000 W, this is the optimal value for good results.

The number of revolutions per minute determines, how fast the robot turns and how fast it mixes things. Most robots have a variable speed control. This allows you to select the speed that is best for the job. The minimum speed is usually 200 rotations per minute, and there are also models that rotate at a speed of several thousand revolutions per minute.

Production quality

The quality of the multifunctional robot is of great importance. After all, such equipment is bought every several years and will be used intensively throughout this time, choosing the right material is important. For the robot bowl, there are bowls made of plastic or metal. Plastic is less durable and there is always a risk, that some element will break. Metal bowls and robots, however, are more expensive, but also more durable. The best materials are aluminum and inox, which are resistant and look great for many years. The overall build quality of the mixer is also important, because he often does a lot of work, so it must be functional and resistant to damage.

Useful functions

When deciding to buy a mixer, it is worth seeing, what additional features does it offer. The turbo mode is definitely useful, because thanks to it you can turn the mixer on high speed for a short time, which is useful when making, for example, cakes. Pulse mode is also useful, zwłaszcza podczas kruszenia na przykład orzechów. Ciekawym elementem jest wbudowana w mikser waga, dzięki niej można w kilka chwil zważyć produkty podczas ich dodawania do misy miksera, jest to z pewnością bardzo przydatne dla osób, które dużo gotują i pieką, a mikser używają codziennie do próbowania nowych przepisów. Warto zobaczyć też, jakie zabezpieczenia oferuje konkretny model. Podstawą jest zabezpieczenie przed przegrzaniem silnika, mikser powinien automatycznie się wyłączać, kiedy silnik pracuje zbyt długo. The protection against accidental falling out of the agitators is very functional, therefore, they will not fall out accidentally during work. It is good too, that the model is equipped with a safety device, which does not allow the lid to be left open and will only start up then, when the lid is closed really well. Thanks to this protection, there is no risk, that the contents will start to mix and will splash all over the kitchen. The choice of additional features and security should be dictated by this, for what purposes the robot is used.

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