A versatile helper in the kitchen

A versatile helper in the kitchen

A food processor is a device, which can greatly facilitate the work in the kitchen. Today's models do not resemble those from a few years ago, which didn't have many functions. Currently, each model can be significantly expanded, and the number of available functions can turn your head!

Useful functions

There are several features, which every robot should have. Of course, it should primarily work as a mixer. I guess everyone can agree, that the mixer is an essential working tool in every kitchen. It allows grinding, whipping, kneading dough and mixing various ingredients. It is useful when making stuffing, for example, baking sponge cake and other cakes, and also when making various creams. This is the basic function of every food processor and every model should be equipped with it. Another function is blending. Of course, you can buy a separate blender, but why, since you can have it all in one device? The blender mixes the cocktail, cream soup or help to make sauce and dips. A grinder is also useful, with it, you can grind coffee for brewing, you can grind cakes for a variety of dessert recipes, or just grind nuts or sugar into powdered sugar. The grinder is very useful! The function of the food processor and the chopping knife are equally important. Thanks to them, you can chop or grind the meat, vegetables or fruits. This will help you prepare many dishes. I don't think anyone likes rubbing potatoes into potato pancakes by hand, so the grater function is useful! Thanks to this, you can grate potatoes for pancakes or carrots for salad in a few moments! A citrus squeezer will also be useful in a food processor, which will allow you to prepare tasty and fresh drinks from them.

In addition to the basic functions, there are also many other extras. Some robots have a bowl mounted, which rotates and helps to mix its contents better, some even have a special lid, which allows you to close the bowl and put it in the fridge.

Why all these functions?

It would seem, that all additional functions are redundant, But it's not like that! A well-matched multifunctional robot can be successfully used even every day. A well-matched robot with numerous functions and accessories performs many tasks, it may be a vegetable peeler, machine, which will help make pasta, Meat Grinder, ice cream machine, a fast grater or a device for kneading and rising yeast dough! It is important to, to choose the model that is right for you, but which one will be the best? There is no definite answer to this question, because there are many models in the market, which offer various functions. It is worth paying attention to this when shopping, what elements can be purchased for a given robot. Although the purchase of a robot with many functions is quite an expense, it is a purchase for many years. The robot is not changed every year, or even every five years! It will serve for several years and will be used frequently, so good choice and excellent quality are paramount.

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