Vacuum cleaner – buying, what is important?

Vacuum cleaner – buying, what is important?

Buying a vacuum cleaner is one of the basic steps, that everyone does, who moves to a new apartment. Nothing unusual – it is hard to do without this equipment.

Model selection

There are many models and types of vacuum cleaners on the market. They can be generally divided into bag vacuum cleaners, bezworkowe (cyclones) and multifunctional. You can also divide into mobile and central vacuum cleaners, or manual and automatic. There are so many models of vacuum cleaners, that they can be divided in many ways. The best known are bag vacuum cleaners, which are the cheapest and appear in many homes. Their simple operation makes, that there are many people, who decide to buy them. They have a bag, which gradually fills during cleaning, usually one bag is enough for several vacuums, so you don't need to replace it every time. The bag can be made of paper (the most popular type) or it can be textile, washable. The favorable price affects their popularity. Changing the bags takes place once in a while and at least involves the purchase of a new bag, it is not very bothersome. They are not a perfect solution, because they cannot cope with dust mites and allergens.

An alternative is cyclone vacuum cleaners, i.e. bagless, equipped with a container for collecting dirt. The container must be emptied each time, and you should wash it once in a while. The sucked air is separated from the dust, which is held in the container. A bag vacuum cleaner is better for dealing with mites and is recommended for allergy sufferers.

An interesting choice is a multi-functional vacuum cleaner, which, in addition to vacuuming, can, for example, wash upholstery, wash windows or work carpets. This solution is perfect for an allergy sufferer's home. The price of such a vacuum cleaner can be very high, and the dimensions are quite large, so anyway, that it replaces several devices at once, few people decide to choose such equipment.

Other solutions

In addition to the most popular vacuum cleaners on the market, there are also cordless vacuum cleaners. They are usually chosen for very small rooms or for cleaning cars. They are not very efficient and are rarely used in homes. One of the more famous types of battery vacuum cleaners are robotic vacuum cleaners, that charge themselves and move around the room. How they can avoid obstacles? They send ultrasound, thanks to which they "see" the entire room and are able to clean the floor. Newer models have many functions, such as "invisible wall", which determines the point, beyond which the robot cannot go.

The less popular central vacuum cleaners seem to be the perfect solution, but their price is very high. Special sockets, which are installed throughout the house, plugs into the pipe and vacuuming is possible at any time.

Choosing the right model is not easy, because there are so many of them on the market. The best solution is to follow your needs and this, are there any allergy sufferers at home. This way you can be sure, that the correct choice was made.

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