Good manners of our kids

a child is crying“My grandson is a terrible and a troublemaker. His behavior doesn't bother me that much, when we are home, while I am ashamed, when he misbehaves and talks badly in the street or in a shop. How to influence him? I already lack strength, and the daughter and son-in-law spend all their days at work and have no time for him. ”

The child should acquire appropriate habits naturally. Continuous guidance is an effective method in this case, how a grandson should behave. Since it is your responsibility to raise a boy, you should specify, what he is allowed, and what absolutely not. You can't force anyone, to be kind, but you can show, that is how others treat us, is a reflection of it, how we treat them. Polite formulas, type: "Please, excuse me, thank you ”the child takes over by listening and observing the parents. Constantly remind him to use them, rebuke makes, that they become something artificial for him. Praising is much better, smile of satisfaction, when the child says these words. Just don't overdo it. The child must grasp, what effect his words have. Let us not embarrass him in the presence of others. In this way, we destroy his sense of dignity. We can lose his trust or raise him to be disrespectful to others. Proper habits make life easier. It is the parents' responsibility to teach their children good manners.