Divorce doesn't have to be a disaster

sick womanYes, you went through difficult times, but most of all it's up to you, how quickly you regain inner peace and balance.

Only a few women feel relieved after a divorce. They feel a life failure more often. So don't be surprised, that you too are experiencing it. Even in a bad marriage, there are good times – it's natural, that you feel sorry for them, and you are tormented by questions about the future. You are terrified by the vision of struggling alone with everyday life and lonely evenings. You are still furious with your husband and feel hurt by him. Now you are moving from liberation to helplessness and despair. But know, that this emotional swing is natural. You need time, to get back into balance. Here's how you can help yourself:

• Nie bój się łez. Keeping a straight face and bravery for show, it's still hard.

• Skończ z poczuciem winy – you were both responsible for the relationship and for its breakup. You are also not worse than other women because of that, that you are divorced. remember: It took courage to make a decision to divorce and testify to your strength of character.

• Dbaj o siebie.

• Szukaj oparcia w rodzinie. You divorced your husband, but not with in-laws. They are still the grandparents of your children. Use help, what they offer you.

• Nie odrzucaj zaproszeń na towarzyskie imprezy. Do not give up on lonely trips to the cinema or for a walk. Learn to enjoy your own company.

• Podziel się domowymi obowiązkami z dziećmi. It will take the burden off you, and they will learn independence and responsibility. Don't indulge them too much, wanting in this way to make up for the father's absence. This is one of the pitfalls, into which single mothers fall.

• Nie śpiesz się z szukaniem nowego partnera. First, learn to live alone. Calm and satisfied, you will make a better choice.