The crisis of the "empty nest"

old man“It always seemed to me, that when my two children leave home one day, when they become independent, I will finally have time for myself and take care of my own affairs. I went even further. Sometimes they came over meI don't think, that if I could start all over again, I would not devote myself so completely to them. Meanwhile, since my husband and I were left alone – I don't see any purpose in front of me. My life has become completely barren. How to stop thinking about it, that it's all over?”

This crisis happens to all parents. Family therapists call it "empty nest crisis". This is the moment, when the children leave the family home, the parents are once again left alone with themselves, just like during the engagement. But in the meantime, a whole life had passed. If you don't have any passions, hobby, friends – probably your life will be empty for a while. But one thing is for sure: with your husband, you are an opportunity for yourself. You can find yourself. You can become friends in your old age, who talk to each other, trust each other, they understand each other perfectly… However, I do not advise you to try to interfere with the lives of children, because this is their life already, only them.