How can I prevent my daughter's aggression?

teenager“I have a problem with my 17-year-old mentally handicapped daughter. She finished four classes in a school and educational center, but she was removed from it because of her aggressive behavior. When she was home (individually finished then 5th and 6th grades), she only acted terrible towards my husband. So I decided to put her back in the center, but I had to get her fastabout to take away, again because of aggression. Then she was in various factories for a few days, social care homes. It was always removed for the same reason. He has been in the center for several months, where mainly elderly people reside. Her doctor decided, that he would eventually adjust somehow. The trouble is there, that the daughter does not want to stay there, he also does not continue his studies. I was told, that there is no chance of placing it in another bet. I'd take her home, but I fear responsibility for her antics. What should I do?”

I think, że najlepszym rozwiązaniem dla córki byłoby zabranie dziecka do domu. She is the most peaceful under your care. She would also be able to continue her studies. Unfortunately; you must take into account the consequences of her actions. It would certainly be helpful for you to have your daughter constantly looked after by an experienced psychologist or psychiatrist.