When a girl becomes a woman

skirtProblems arise as you grow up. Most of them are associated with discovering and shaping one's own personality and with more and more frequent contacts with people.

Why am I so ugly?
You consider yourself an ugly thing, and comparisons with top models confirm this belief. But remember, that in their teens, girls go through the "ugly duckling" stage”. Soon, however, your skinny hands or facial blemishes will disappear. You will be more and more feminine and attractive with each passing month. Do not forget, that no one is perfect (even the models are only well "made", and success in life does not depend only on beauty. Find something pretty in yourself (eyes, hair, smile) and start emphasizing it.

Why do my parents treat me like a child, although I already have 16 years?
Parents find it hard to come to terms with, that their child is growing up. They don't give you any more freedom, because they are afraid for you and want to protect you as long as possible. Talk to them about it, what are your expectations and what you can opt out of (e.g.. from late returns home), not to worry. Ask, that they too would make some concessions. This "deal" will help solve many of your problems and make your life easier.

I don't have a boyfriend yet. Am I worse than other girls?
If you have trouble making friends, idea, what is the reason for this. Maybe you are too critical of others or you are unsure of yourself and hide it, pretending to be unavailable? Or maybe you have different passions than your peers and it is difficult for you to find a common language? if so, be more gentle in your grades or be interested in your friends' hobbies. This will help you find your soul mate.

Does he really love me?
You were charmed by the other boyish psyche and this, that you are beautiful in his eyes. But fascination doesn't have to turn into love. On closer acquaintance, we usually drug off, that the beloved is not the ideal of our dreams. Nobody is perfect, however, if the boy shows no respect for you, he is jealous – Consider, do you want to be with someone like that. And when he reaches for alcohol or drugs – run away. Otherwise you will destroy your life. If the fascination lasts and is enriched with mutual attachment and care, you can consider sexual intercourse. Important, so that you don't do anything against yourself. When you don't feel ready, say it openly. Reasonable boy, if he loves you, will understand your decision.