Potty training - 10 ADVICE on how to prepare

Potty training - 10 ADVICE on how to prepare

The potty training is almost over! I did not have time to describe how we are doing. And even if I had just a moment, I would be afraid to clutter ... because after 3 days I could boast of the first progress, and just two days later my son took a step back and pissed on my mega expensive and beloved armchair.

Potty training is a difficult study for a child and a difficult time for a parent. It consists of many stages. It requires composure from the child and his parent, peace, willingness and patience. Worse yet… the child has to overcome the shame. SO! The child only has 2 years ashamed of pooping on the potty ... ashamed when mum is watching, she is ashamed to have to do it in the middle of the room ... she is ashamed as much as we are, adults! This must be absolutely remembered!

Today will be about preparations.

Potty training - 10 advise how to prepare

Choose the right time

Don't wait until summer! Why? Because in summer you will want to go for a walk, because you want to go on vacation, because in summer there are much nicer things to do than take care of your child's dry panties.

Winter it's not the best time, because it's just cold and it's easy to catch a cold in the urinary tract.

I think, that the best time is early spring or fall. It's not cold, it's not so beautifully warm and sunny, that you only want to be on the playground or at the seaside.

YOU WORK? Take a week's vacation - 3 days it's the absolute minimum. Why do you? Don't entrust potty training to a caregiver, even if she was the most wonderful woman in the world! Don't count on preschoolers, grandmothers, grandfather, aunts, friend. Take matters into your own hands.

This is one of the most difficult life topics for a child. You can't wash your hands and run to work, with hope, that this "dirty" task will be performed by someone else. The baby needs you now, it is before you that he feels the least shame.

Give up when ...

The baby is sick. Necessity to wear socks, a tracksuit and a blanket around it is a real potty challenge. In addition, there is a risk of inflammation of the urinary tract, with weakened immunity. There is no need to delude ourselves - a sick child will also not cooperate with us and will certainly not want to learn.

There are novelties in the child's life (siblings, change of residence, kindergarten).

You don't have time to be with your baby most of the day. You're on vacation? Or you are sitting on tutorial? Super! But how do you go about shopping, cleaning, washing, dinner and in the evening you fly to your friends for a beer, it ... let it go. In the first days of learning you must have 98% time to observe the child. You must have time to react when the moment is right, to be able to clean up the poop and piss. You have to completely forget about the watch, passing time and daily chores. Otherwise you will never learn to recognize your baby's signals.

The guardian changes frequently. Today is Mom, morning Dad, the day after tomorrow, Nanny, and then Mom again. The child feels different with each of us, behaves differently. She will go crazy with Dad, with Nanny he will hide behind the bed, with Grandma, she will be waiting for a cookie reward every time, itd.itd. Three, one guardian should be present permanently for up to five days - if you choose to, that Nanny is going to be potty training, make sure then, that in two days he won't tell you he needs a vacation.

You have a lot of worries, classes and you are irritable. The worst that could be, it's a lack of energy, stress and irritation of the "teacher". You had a bad day, you are exhausted, hungry and all you dream about is a warm bath in a bathtub full of foam and a glass of wine. And then suddenly your child pee and poop for your new and very expensive sofa. You'll have the strength to suppress your anger and not scream? You'll be able to say, "Oh, honey, nothing happened" ? You will have the strength to clean up, wiping, washing, drying ?

Buy your baby underwear

Possible cheapest cotton panties. They will be destroyed, because they will be washed and dried many times on a radiator or in full sun. They will be kidnapped, because the baby will learn to take them off and put them on. For beautiful, there will be time to come in patterned and brightly colored panties.

A few panties with a picture will be useful, sticker. I do not mind, for you to buy a pair of fancy pants. We had a problem with wearing panties, so the only encouragement was the colorful teddy bears on the front. “You will wear teddy panties?”“ TAK!"He replied happily. And that was the only way to put on panties. After two days, he would already wear such ones without a teddy bear.

Socks. Generally, my children run around the house barefoot. But I am writing about socks mainly because of this, to make you aware, that when you pee in your panties, your legs and feet also get wet. Therefore, do not wear slippers.

Old sweatpants will also come in handy. Don't let go of the naked-ass kid. Must feel, that peeing has to do with it, the pants are wet. No bottom garments, Your child will not feel uncomfortable and your learning will be wasted in the very first days.

Several pieces of reusable diapers. But do not wear absorbent pads. Such diapers will be useful, when you need to make the baby a meal at the moment. You will have this comfort, that it will not wet your furniture in your absence, and at the same time he will feel, that she's wet in her panties. Reusable bags are great in the first days and weeks of learning.

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