Expressing milk

Expressing milk

I am the happy owner of breasts full of milk.
I don't remember having any problems expressing enough milk. When I had a food load, I could feed the neonatal unit. W 3 During the month of my son's life, lactation was completely normalized, and I could still take 150ml off at once, sometimes even 200ml of milk, and it is from one breast!!

How do I do it?

  • with a breast pump!*
  • I'm pumping morning, breasts are fuller after night, especially at the stage when the baby is sleeping more and more hours.
  • an hour / two after feeding the son, I reach for the breast pump and I'm extracting milk from my breast, which was not emptied;
  • sometimes I put my son on one breast for the next two feedings. Then the other breast is so full, that I am able to extract 200ml in one moment
  • if he needs milk right now (because e.g.. I have to leave the house for longer, and it was not planned) I use method 77-55-33 (in brief: 7min is pulled from the left breast, 7min from the right breast, 5min on the left, 5min on the right, 3min on the left, 3 min on the right) - terribly time consuming.
  • milk I pull it into the bottle and put it in a thermo bag, when the milk is drunk within 3 hours;
  • milk I pull it into containers and put it in refrigerators, when I am going to use them within 24 hours; (Supposedly, you can store it in the refrigerator for 78 hours, but I don't practice it - my son made green poop after such milk)
  • milk I pull it into containers and put it in fridge freezers, when I stock up for a week. I always describe the dated container. It does not store such food for longer than 10 days. You can keep 6 months in freezers, Unfortunately, I do not have one.
* breast pump makes life easier!! I didn't listen to your opinion, that it is an unnecessary mom's gadget, it's a shame about the money, that once there were no breast pumps and the women coped ... Yes, coped, but now we have new opportunities so let's take advantage of them! I had the pleasure of expressing excess milk by hand (I was on a trip and my breasts were stretching my bra, milk was leaking from the nipples, and I didn't have a breast pump with me) - I proved myself, that you can. BUT it takes a bit of practice, I still felt like my breasts are full, besides, I was probably doing it incorrectly because I felt a little stagnant.

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