Delicious banana and oat cookies – dairy-free diet

Delicious banana and oat cookies – dairy-free diet.

Feel free to make banana and oatmeal cookies without milk and eggs. Why such, you will learn about it in the article.

A few weeks ago my baby had a lot of pimples on his face, which did not want to come off in any way. We've tried everything – wash your face with potato flour, krochmalem. Unfortunately, nothing helped. Eventually we went to the doctor and it turned out, it's atopic dermatitis – protein diathesis. The baby was allergic to cow and egg proteins…

The doctor prescribed the ointments, and I had to go on a dairy-free and egg-free diet and not eat beef.

At first I was a little scared, because I had to give up almost all products, which contained cow's milk and eggs (I guess, that the yolks themselves). I didn't realize how many things these products contain. And worst of all, I had to put away the sweets. Only what I could eat, it was sesame seeds and haribo, which I do not like. At first, I managed somehow, but the body needed something sweet. I started, so search the internet for dairy-free cookie recipes. It was a bit hard, but google knows everything. There are tons of such laws on the internet. So I set to work and tried the recipes one by one. I like the banana and oatmeal cookies the most – pride. Now I do them every few days, to meet the need for sugar.

And how is the baby now? The skin is smooth. And I persistently stick to the diet. The advantage is this, that I am slowly losing weight and regaining the form from before pregnancy.

Below I will present the recipe for them.

Banana and oat cookies

What we need:

– 4 glass. flour

– 5 bananas

– 1 Apple

– glass. oatmeal

– half a cube of non-dairy margarine (Ordinary, Cake .., if only not Kasia), just read the composition

– half glass. sugar

– 1 vanilla sugar (30g)

– 15g baking powder

– you can also add some bran, sunflower


First, we mix all the dry products together. Mix the banana with the apple and add it to the rest, thanks to him, the products connect with each other. Finally, add the cooled, dissolved margarine. We can now form cookies. I am making round, but different shapes can be made. We bake approx. 20-25 minutes at temperature 180 degrees.

And that's all. Quick preparation, and the effect is delicious. I recommend you this recipe. Additionally, cookies are very healthy – fruit, Oatmeal :).

Feel free to try the recipe and write, did you like it. Happy baking :).

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