ID card for our baby? – Do we have to make it?

ID card for our baby? – Do we have to make it?

How is it with this proof? Once our parents had our data entered in their ID. Now you can say, that the children are as if anonymous and do not have any document proving their identity. Birth certificate only, but who will wear it all the time. I wanted to get a proof for my baby soon, so that there are no later problems with e.g.: going to Germany, or another country in the Schengen area. I was thinking, that it is not obligatory, but…

… from 26 June 2012. each Toddler must have his / her identity document, regardless of age – is it an ID card, or a passport. Honestly, I am a bit surprised by this fact, but be careful , that is a good solution. The validity of our baby's identity card is 5 years from its release and its manufacture is FREE OF CHARGE.

The proof of our little one is most of all needed when we want to go abroad. Newet to the states of the Shengen zone ! In this case, issuing an ID card is obligatory.

If we are not planning a trip abroad to 13 year of our child's life, having an ID card is a privilege, which has many benefits.

What are the benefits of the ID card of our baby??

– confirms the identity of the baby, age and citizenship

– the right to free health care and reimbursed drugs

– it is indispensable for trips abroad ( the regulations allowing for leaving the country with a minor child on the basis of the entry of the child in the passport of one of the parents no longer apply )

– will be usefull, when it will be necessary to prove the age of the baby, e.g.: at discounts, or free rides

Where can you submit an application and what we need:

– the application must be submitted to the commune office, where our child is permanently registered

– of course, you need a PESEL

– Applicants must show their ID cards and the child must be with them at the office ( if it's finished 5 years )

– if the parents are not married, it is necessary to establish who takes legal care of the baby

– two current photos measuring 35mm x 45mm

– a copy of an abbreviated birth certificate

As you can see, obtaining an ID card for a child brings many benefits. If you want to travel abroad, an identity document is MANDATORY.

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