Celebrity diet

dietYou dream of a slim figure? You jealously look at movie stars who can boast of a shapely figure when you are far from this ideal? There is a chance, that you will come closer to this ideal, and this is due to the Hollywood diet, which was developed by Dr. Johan Hempere. It is admittedly somewhat restrictive, but it allows you to achieve satisfactory results, about which you can not only read below. The example of such stars as Elisabeth Taylor and Marylin Monroe also points to this, that the Hollywood diet really works. Fruit is the basis of this diet, Dr. Hempere points out, that during the diet we should also drink two liters of still water every day. In the first week we can only afford fruit (and of course on the water), while in the second and third weeks of using this slimming treatment, we introduce sprouts into the menu, yeast, onions, lean cheeses and meat, as well as natural yoghurts (because flavored yoghurts contain a lot of sugar).For the first week it sounds quite restrictive, but following the diet patiently for three weeks is sure to work, we should cut back on it gradually yes, to eventually reach a level of approx 1300 calories every day. However, meals should be small and eaten several times a day. We should also remember about the harmfulness of overeating and try to avoid such behavior., animal fats and coffee. Let's also forget about the beloved salting of dishes, because both coffee and salt will not help to achieve our dream figure. Let's throw out of our menu for three weeks, because this is how long this treatment takes, also milk and eggs. As for the milk, some voices mention it, that every now and then this little sin can be indulged - provided, that milk is skimpy. The Hollywood diet will allow us to lose up to six kilos in just three weeks. Of course, some people may lose less weight, others, however, more. After using this slimming treatment, you may experience a yo-yo effect, therefore, it is worth considering a balanced diet after you stop following this diet., it is worth consulting a doctor in advance, who will tell you if you can follow the Hollywood diet or not. It may be, that following this diet will deprive you of important nutrients necessary in keeping your disease in check.