Beginners in making wine

Beginners in making wine often make an important and harmful mistake for the good course of work: namely, they begin their reading with the specific provision of the fruit, which interests them, and skip reading the general part completely, taking care, that these are less important and not necessarily necessary comments. It is not appropriate to do so, because without preliminary information they may find the detailed provision unclear. Therefore, please read carefully the “General section”, and only then the specific recipe for the fruit, which wine is going to be made of.

What is wine? Wine is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting fruit juice. Because our currants, blueberries, apples etc. are also fruits, therefore their fermented juice is also real wine, as well as the wine obtained from grapes. Therefore, it is wrong to call the so-called wine. fruit with artificial wines, especially, that grape wine is not found in nature, but it can only be done, when the appropriate "art" of wine is used for this purpose. When as science progressed was convinced, that by using appropriate methods, Most of our fruits make it possible to prepare first-class wines, often exceeding grape wines with goodness, then fruit wines began to seriously compete with grape wines, and the effect of this competition becomes more favorable for fruit wines each year. Numerous examples from everyday life show, that even excellent wine connoisseurs often do not recognize fruit and grape wines, and that many still disbelieve fruit wines, it just proves it, that the overwhelming advertisement and the suggestion connected with it are still triumphing. The result is this, that fruit wines are usually served with grape wine substitution, otherwise it would be distasteful, headache-inducing, zgagę i t. p. ailments, even if it was made on healthy fruit without any foreign admixture, like sulfur, plaster, etc.. which are often found in grape wines.

Today no one can stop the growing production of fruit wines, and this production, especially home-made, entrenched, and he quickly removes false ideas about the value of fruit wines.

Why should we produce fruit wines ? Answers to the above question, I cannot completely solve it for lack of space, I have to be content with only brief remarks. Well, there are economic reasons for the production of wines in our country, social and health.