Buying a place in the cemetery

old manTo save your loved ones from problems, many people want to reserve a place for a grave while they are still alive. Its location and the amount of fees are determined by the cemetery management. In some cemeteries, the purchase of a square for a grave is limited. Only people can do this, who have permanent residence in Poland and more than 80 years or lonely (such, which no one would have to bury), which have completed 75 years. This also applies to the 1st group of disabled people. The rules for purchasing a place in municipal cemeteries are determined by the city office, and on denominational – the territorially competent episcopal curia. Applications and applications should also be submitted there, as well as appeals in disputes.

Family graves.
The family grave is the place, where two or more people can be buried. It cannot have an area larger than two individual graves. Children have the right to be buried in the family grave, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the first person submitted to it. They too (all together) they must give their written consent to bury other people there.
Family graves may be up to five storeys deep. They can be used to bury the dead in the free catacombs. If there are no more seats, the remains can be exhumed, which then hides under the last level of the tomb. When it has not passed since the last burial 20 years, sanepidu consent is needed. You can also deepen the grave. when it was originally less than five storeys high, by building additional floors. The so-called. office fee, and for the perpetual usufruct of the square, we pay approx. 10 PLN per year, whether, is there anybody already buried there, or not.

Earth graves.
Different rules apply to earthen graves, that is, dug directly into the ground (not brick). We cannot bury any more dead in them before the expiration date 20 years, from the date of the last burial, unless we obtain sanitary approval. After this period, the family may also reserve the grave for the next one 20 years, paying the appropriate fees to the cemetery management.

The right to burial

When there is only a religious cemetery in a given town, its management has no right to refuse to bury a non-believer or other religion in the earth's grave. The coffin is placed in the family grave, whether, how much is the cemetery) – in the village, does not require the consent of the priest or the cemetery management.