How to make a will?

“I wrote down my last will. To make my will look neat, I asked my daughter, to type it. A colleague at work told me, that such a will will be invalid. Why?”

Your friend is right because, to make a valid will, you have to write it yourself with a pen or even a pencil, sign and date. You cannot use a typewriter or computer for this purpose. This is to ensure the authenticity of the will and to identify its author by examining the scripture. A will may also be drawn up by a notary public in the form of a notarial deed. We will then be sure, that if left in a notary's office, it will not be lost and will not be forged or destroyed by someone. Similarly, we can orally announce our will to a member of the council or commune board, the mayor, the mayor or city president and two witnesses. Such a will will be recorded.