Canvasser – time to cool down

signatureMore and more in our own home, in an office building, where we work, at a meeting at a nearby school, salesmen try to convince us to buy a set of pots, life insurance policies or even hygiene products. The acquisition is called by lawyers "selling outside the company's commercial premises”. The initiator of the transaction (often with the signing of a contract) there is a salesman, the consumer is therefore usually surprised by the offer and is not able to compare the quality and prices of the offer with other offers.

Element of suprise. It usually occurs not only in contracts negotiated and signed at the consumer's home, but also in other forms and places outside the seller's commercial premises. This puts the consumer in a less favorable negotiating position than the seller, and therefore the law in Western countries provides for different safeguards of the consumer's interests in such cases.. In the European Union and the USA, the solicitor is obliged to hand over to the consumer - at the time of signing the contract – written notice of his right to cancel it.

Cancellation of the contract. The consumer has the right to cancel the contract and withdraw from his obligations by sending a notification within a certain time (in EU countries to 7 or more days after the conclusion of the contract). The transmission of the notification releases the consumer from the obligations arising from the canceled contract, he does not even need to state the reason for its break. The interests of the company must also be protected – parties to the contract. For example. if the consumer has already used the object delivered to him in accordance with the contract, this item, in the event of breach of the contract, must be returned in perfect condition.