Birds like to bathe too!

parrotBirds love to splash in the water. Therefore, a vessel with water placed in a cage or aviary should be the basic equipment of every house for our feathered friends.

• Ptaki, same as people, they need a daily bath. During the joyful "splashing" in the water, our favorite washes dirt and dust from his feathers.

• Małe ptaszki (budgies, kanarki, finches) are happy, if we hang them a special bathroom in the open door. So that the users do not slip on the water spilled around, should be roughened (e.g.. fine sandpaper) the bottom of the room. The water should be lukewarm, and its level not higher than 2 cm. Important: the water must be boiled, because the birds drink it too.

• Większe ptaki zdecydowanie bardziej lubią kąpiel w piasku. However, when we put a flat vessel with water in the cage, they also like to use it.

• Niektóre papugi są wielbicielkami prysznica. Then they spread their feathers and put their backs to the mist of water. We can give them a water bath with a flower spray.