Children become adults

woman-perfumeO tym, that the children would one day start a family and move out of the house, we know from the moment of their birth. But when that moment comes, we cannot come to terms with it. Many women find it hard to part with the role of a carer mother. They are still trying to arrange the life of adult children. This leads to unnecessary conflicts, sometimes even to mutual hostility. The child feels guilty, because I don't feel grateful; the mother is sorry, because no one appreciates her sacrifices.

You gained new opportunities. You are a human, and not just a mother. Now you have fewer responsibilities, and more time. Use it e.g.. for personal development and searching for new passions.

• Możesz poświęcić maksimum czasu pracy zawodowej, which will surely result in success. If your only concern was raising children, maybe it's time, to learn new skills? There are so many different courses, choose something for yourself.

• Dlaczego właśnie teraz nie pomyśleć o nauce? You have time! So maybe you decide to go to evening school or take a foreign language course? • If a community center in your town or city conducts interesting activities – use them. Many women only in their mature age discover their talents and begin to paint or write.

• Możesz odkryć sens życia w pomaganiu innym. PCK, hospices, various charitable foundations urgently need volunteers to work.

Give them that much, how much they want to take.
You are still needed by the children, but different than before. Be ready to help, when the need arises, but don't bother with your company. Establish the form of contacts (avoid unannounced visits). By calling the children, do not speak, how do you miss them.
Don't criticize them for that, that they are doing something different than you.