Dog food

dog clothes“My 3-year-old poodle is constipated and always squeals painfully when passing stools. Recently, in pain, he pushed a piece of his intestine out. The vet recommended giving paraffin for purging, but it doesn't help. How to cure my dog?”

The described symptoms raise suspicion, that these are only dietary mistakes. Feeding your dog incorrectly results in a constant, painful constipation, including rectal rectification. So I propose a change of food. Please start feeding your pet milk, to be, raw minced meat and vegetables. All this can be ground into a mush and mixed with boiled barley or pasta (I recommend a special pasta for dogs with micronutrients). Food should be given in small amounts, fresh, twice a day. The dog should always have clean drinking water in the bowl, changed daily. I advise against feeding the dog with sausages and other cold cuts, as well as cookies and sweets. You can give paraffin every day, even for a long time. It is not harmful.