Guinea pig food

Guinea pig“I have had a guinea pig for a month now,. For now, I'm feeding her, in addition to dry food, carrot with parsley, beetroots, lettuce. We collect milk speciallywith and clover, but winter is coming. What can you feed your pet during this period?”

Karma must be clean and fresh. Every day leftovers not eaten by the pig should be carefully removed from the feeder.

There is no special difference in summer and winter nutrition. There is also no additional hassle with purchasing food for the winter. During this time, for example, can be administered: a mixture of beans (per serving in quantity 2-3 g), blades of grass (but not rough), meadow hay (however, you have to pay attention to it, whether it is fresh, devoid of musty smell). In the case of hay, we serve it twice as much as in the summer, i.e. approx 6 g. The guinea pig can also be fed with root crops (red carrot, fodder beet, brukiew), lettuce leaves or apple slices. It is essential to give vitamin C. (0,5 g).

Guinea pigs must also receive twigs for this, so that they can grind their teeth, especially incisive. However, you should not give them twigs of deciduous trees.