He will not change anymore!

sick woman“Two years ago, I married a man who was eleven years older than me. A few days after the wedding, he began to show me complete indifference, disregard. After a few weeks, he announced to me, that he had a relationship with another woman. We got divorced. Now I'm in a relationship with someone, who is tender to me, hearty. But I guess I still love my ex-husband. He has been visiting me for some time, gives flowers and gifts. Ensure, that he has changed and will not repeat his mistake.”

The behavior of your ex-husband during a short-term marriage shows his dangerous qualities, among which marital disloyalty seems to be of secondary importance. Your ex-partner seems to be emotionally superficial, ruthless in striving to implement their plans, indifferent to the experiences of others. These characteristics do not change in a man in his forties. When getting married, You didn't know them. Now you are fully aware of them. Considering reconnecting with this man, like Pani, what to decide for and what to expect from it. In this situation, you can only blame yourself.