Just not sweets

cakeThe pre-holiday and holiday season is inherently associated with gifts. But let's remember, not to give children as gifts of animals (if we are not going to devote our time to them later), and animals, we have – not to give goodies from the festive table.

Let's not give the dog scraps from the table during meals. This affects his line badly and creates a reflex to ask 0 eating every time, as soon as we sit down at the table.
After the end of the year, the dog should eat once, twice a day.
Dogs and cats should not be given poultry bones. They are too sharp and may cause choking.

Dogs and cats should not eat sweets at all.

Pets should not be served dishes with spices.

Adult cats can get two, three meals a day.

Cats must not be fed only with fresh meat and offal. They often get sick infected with bacteria and parasites.

When preparing Christmas Eve meals, let's not give cats leftover raw fish. The cooked fish must be carefully peeled from the bones.

Let's not give our cats milk. Must have plenty of fresh water to drink.

If a dog or cat is eaten during the holidays, it should be slightly starved.