Parents and "old maid"

woman-perfume“I have 26 years, so this age, I should be married by now. At least that's what my parents think. When I met a certain boy, which they liked, they wanted to get me straight away. They keep asking me, when i marry him, although I have absolutely nothing for him. Recently I started dating Jack. He's nice, hardworking, intelligent boyfriend, who is starting to care about me. I guess something for me too I can feel him, but I'd like to get to know him better before making a decision. And my parents again: it's time, that how will I keep wondering, I'll finally become an old maid. How should I proceed. I don't want to offend my parents, but I am supposed to get married!”

May you offend your parents. Please offend them, telling them clearly, that they are to stay away from your personal affairs or leave them for a while. I have a feeling, that you need a little solitude, to reflect on yourself and on this most important decision in our lives. Constant threat, Your parents' talking and their "buzzing" over your head are not conducive to such reflection. I think, that after this break you will come home as a completely different person.