When there is no stain remover

washingThe various advertised specifics for stain removal are perhaps effective, but when we don't have them, we can use the old ones, known, a… the cheapest ways.

Stains vary, also - seasonal. The kids went to school - so there will be ink stains on pens and felt-tip pens. Autumn is coming, there is hope (drought!!!), that it would rain, and like rain, it's mud, splashed clothes.

So how do you remove the foam:

Pen ink

In general, washing with alcohol and rinsing with water helps (on plastic fabric, a test must be performed first and if discoloration occurs, wash only with lukewarm water). On wool and silk: after moistening with water, sprinkle with citric acid and after a few minutes rinse with water. On linen and cotton fabrics - rub the stain with warm glycerin and rinse with water. On white fabrics made of natural fiber - pour lemon juice over the stain, rinse well.

Made of felt-tip pen ink
Soak the stained fabric in cool water and wash it off. If the mascara does not come off - wash it off with alcohol or nail polish remover and rinse again in cool water. If the fabric is colored or synthetic, you must first in an inconspicuous place, make a sample.

Out of the mud
After it is dry (pants, coat etc.) Thoroughly clean the stained places with a brush. If there are traces - wash with a tampon, dipped in water with vinegar or ammonia. After drying - we iron.

Accidentally stained with mud on the carpet
— trzeba plamę zmyć mieszaniną: 1 liter of water - 2 tablespoons of vinegar. When the dirt is gone, wipe with a wet cloth.