When we need to lead the dog on a leash?

dog clothesEven if the dog is very obedient and walks politely next to the leg, there are situations, when we have to lead him on a leash.

In the city: among the crowd of people in a hurry, when the dog is tempted by so many smells, the animal may behave in unpredictable ways. When kept on a leash next to the owner's leg, it will be safe.

In public transport: maybe, for example. happen, that another dog will be riding next to us. Better to prevent the situation, when the dogs growl or bite each other. A dog kept on a leash does not endanger the safety of other passengers. In the forest: traces of wild animals lead the dog to follow the trail and wander in the woods in search of prey. It can also happen, that the dog will attack and bite some animal – and this can cause trouble for the owner (including fines).

In the areas, where rabies is: places at risk of rabies are marked with special information boards. The dog must be on a leash, because he may come across a dead animal infected with rabies and touch it. Thus, it can become infected itself.

Near the playgrounds: many children are afraid of dogs, which irritates animals and causes aggression in them. Let's also remember, that the dog should not take care of its physiological needs in the sandbox.

In landscape parks: check it out, whether animals are allowed to enter the area of ​​the landscape park. Often there is no such prohibition, but then you can walk the dog (necessarily on a leash!) only on designated routes.

On a walk in the park: if we want to go with the dog to the park, let's check, whether it is allowed to let the animal loose there. When there are a lot of people around us, it is safer to lead the dog on a leash and in a muzzle. A leash as an educational measure: if the dog does not come at the owner's first call, you should immediately take it on a leash and keep it briefly at your feet. This will help teach the rebellious animal to discipline and obey.