Choosing a good cream

creamA good cream is half the success of daily facial care. So let's take a look at the criteria, which it should meet. First: a good cream must have the right one, extremely light consistency. The postulate of lightness applies especially to day creams, used as a make-up base. If it's too greasy, our foundation will run down our mouth, and only glowing streaks will remain after the beautiful appearance - it is not nourishing, nor aesthetic. Wyjątkiem mogą być kremy głęboko odżywiające stosowane na noc lub kremy do rąk. In the case of the latter, the heavy consistency may prove to be an advantage - it creates an additional protective layer and prevents the loss of adequate hydration. Po drugie: should have a natural composition. Natural cosmetics, thus devoid of chemical components, they make a real sensation. No wonder - they do not sensitize, they do not cause irritation and provide our skin with the maximum dose of nourishment. Let's look for them in pharmacies and professional cosmetic stores, we can also consult a dermatologist. Thirdly: the cream must be adapted to our age and skin type. The first criterion, of course, concerns the division into young skin, mature and aging. The age scale is between certain years, five to ten years apart. The second criterion concerns the type of skin, that is, the division into dry skin, greasy, mixed, acne prone, vascular, normal. When choosing a cream, let's try to get to know opinions about it - if, for example, we accept it, that Dr. Eris creams meet our needs, are recommended by specialists, have a safe composition and effective action, then let's not be afraid to invest. Caring for health and beauty will certainly pay off.