The Copenhagen Diet

cold dietThis diet is also known as the Copenhagen diet. It is one of the most stringent, because a minor deviation from the predetermined menu (not even one candy) destroys our chances of positive effects of the diet. When the anomaly occurs six days after starting the diet, this Copenhagen slimming can only be resumed in three months, therefore, if you want to end the diet at an advanced stage, it is better to think carefully several times. The Copenhagen Diet allows you to lose up to twenty kilos in thirteen days, which is a very favorable balance taking into account only the efficiency criterion. On the assumption, that after the end of the diet, we will slowly return to the old diet, you can say, that the yo-yo effect will not take place. This is where another advantage of the diet comes from - the effects last for a very long time. Many people may have problems with a strict menu, however, nutritionists are ruthless - drink a glass of water if you want an extra snack. Table of meals, which should be eaten on a given day, can be found on the Internet without any problems. In order not to duplicate the content, I suggest looking at the link in order to get acquainted with the distribution of dishes: the Copenhagen diet. It is important, in order to follow the provisions of the menu for a given day no matter what. The described mode of feeding causes many difficulties due to its rigorous menu, however, if you find so much motivation, to survive these thirteen days, you will certainly not regret it. Honestly speaking, the Copenhagen diet is not that difficult - similar effects are achieved, for example, by. lemon diet, when you have to live for ten days drinking only lemonade. Modest 1000 calories proposed by the Copenhagen diet seems to be the more encouraging solution.