Although breastfeeding is a completely natural process, both mother, and the baby need not only learn, how to do it, but feeding must also become an easy routine for them. Before that happens, several days may pass, so don't worry, if difficulties are encountered initially. If necessary, you can ask your doctor for advice, nurse or midwife. For the first 2 do 3 the days of feeding, slavery receives so-called colostrum, that is, dense, a viscous fluid containing a lot of protective antibodies, however, soon the colostrum is replaced by real milk. Some women wean their babies and start feeding them with formula from the bottle after just a few weeks. Whether, how long will breastfeeding take, after a few months, you can start giving your baby fruit juices and water, and then solid foods. Generally, the mother herself and her child know best, when to stop breastfeeding or breastfeeding milk from a bottle.

Some nursing women experience significant breast congestion or rupture of the nipples. Please consult your doctor, who will recommend the appropriate treatment. For the first few weeks after having a baby, a young mother may experience varying degrees of postnatal depression; a condition generally associated with fatigue, return of disturbed hormones and emotional changes. If "depression because of a child” it becomes hard to handle, talk to your doctor about this.