Buying a vacuum cleaner – what to look for?

Buying a vacuum cleaner – what to look for?

Important power and other parameters

Many people when buying a vacuum cleaner are guided only by the power of the engine, but it is not the most important parameter. It is more important, what is its pulling power, because the cleaning accuracy depends to a large extent on it. It is also important to choose the type. In the past, only bag vacuum cleaners were available in stores, but now the choice is much greater.

Bag vacuum cleaners are the best known solution, but they are sometimes expensive to maintain, if you have to buy bags for them every now and then, cheap bags, on the other hand, do not work properly and as a result the dust comes out. Sometimes it is also difficult to buy the right bags, especially when buying a cheap vacuum cleaner. They are also not a hygienic solution, if they have a reusable bag. Bags made of fabric must be cleaned and washed, and there is some extra work to be done. Not having a bag seems like a good option? So, but the containers of bagless vacuum cleaners also need to be cleaned! In addition, you often have to wash their filter, which gets dirty. Many people praise water vacuum cleaners – clean really well and are perfect for allergy sufferers, but cleaning them is not a pleasant activity. Not only do you need to empty and wash the dust container, but you also have to clean all the elements, which are connected with it.

Filter validity

The filter is a very important element of the vacuum cleaner, unfortunately, but many people do not pay attention to the filter at all. There are special filters for people suffering from asthma or for people with various allergies. HEPA filters are the best. These are double filters, which perfectly clean the air and do not allow, dust to get outside.

Appearance and possibilities

The vacuum cleaner is usually used daily or almost every day. Although the shape has little effect on its actions, it's definitely a nice look is an advantage of the vacuum cleaner. However, weight is more important. Sometimes you have to carry it up the stairs, take it to the basement or simply vacuum a large surface with it. A small and light vacuum cleaner will make this task easier and work with it will be easier. It is worth paying attention to when choosing a vacuum cleaner, to be beyond lightness, it was also not very noisy. Noise above 70dB is disturbing, especially when you live in a block of flats, your neighbors can feel it exceptionally noisy. The smaller the amount of decibels, the better. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer states how many decibels his equipment generates.

The length of the cable cannot be forgotten, the best solution is the minimum 10 meters of cable, so that by connecting the vacuum cleaner in one room, you could clean them completely. The short cable is inconvenient and you have to unplug the equipment and put it in a different socket every now and then. The accessories that can be purchased for the vacuum cleaner are usually additional brushes, for example brushes for cleaning animal hair, turbo brushes or nozzles for cleaning upholstery. There is no need to save on the price of accessories and the vacuum cleaner itself. After all, it is an investment for really long years.

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