"I love" – how to tell her?

skirt“I fell in love with a girl. He is concernedI am however, that it is one-sided love. Is it, that we are opposed to growth and the so-called. body weight, it can set us apart and not let us be together? I do not know, how to tell her and whether to say it at all? How to address her?”

Please, sir, experience teaches, that love overcomes such obstacles. I do not know, whether using the term "growth and so-called. body weight ", you mean it, that the Lord is very big and obese, and the chosen one is tiny and slim, or vice versa. But I know, that no matter, which one of you is skinny, and which is thick - it is no obstacle. I know dozens of couples, in which such disproportions function and… absolutely nothing is happening. They are just very successful relationships.

Please address the girl according to your feelings and your mind. About the so-called. I advise you to forget your body weight.