girl“My eight-year-old daughter started soaking at night for some time.As a baby, she learned to use the potty very quickly, and in the age of threefor years she got up at night and went to the toilet by herself. She began to wet herself at the age of five, and it happened more and more as time passed. She was then examined by a pediatrician, psychologist and urologist. Nothing disturbing was found, but a problem (not counting short breaks) has not disappeared. Only putting your child off the bed about an hour and a half after falling asleep prevents the bed from getting wet. For this reason, I cannot send my child to a summer camp or winter camp (a ma ono na to wielfeel like it). The family situation is normal, the child is cheerful, and even joyful. Me neither, neither can my husband trace the source of the problem, please advise.”

I'm very sorry, but it doesn't seem possible to find a way, which would immediately help to eliminate the problem.
Emotional factors are probably responsible for the situation. If it were an organic disease, specialists would probably diagnose them, all the more so as it would probably be accompanied by other symptoms (e.g.. trouble keeping urine also during the day). Fact, that your daughter is a very cheerful child, does not rule out, that certain situations can stress her out. There may also be a build-up of tensions, especially since, as you define it, the child sometimes "suffocates" certain problems and only as a result of your pressure does he share them. Perhaps, these character traits of a daughter cause a tendency to relieve stress in sleep. These may be dreams that have a fearful content, which already contribute directly to bedwetting. Moreover, it may not only be the result of unpleasant events, but also joyful, exciting (especially, if the child is sensitive). My advice is not to scold or embarrass your daughter. She is probably very sorry herself. Rather, it is worth reassuring the child, provide, that the problem should be gone. You must not let that happen, so that it becomes permanent in the child (and worse, grew) feeling guilty.

In these cases, it is generally advisable to stop waking the baby from sleep, because this can be interpreted by them as treating him as a baby all the time. In addition, some babies have difficulty waking from their first sleep, have trouble urinating, they are upset. Sleep does not give them enough rest then, which causes a decrease in resistance to stressful situations the next day. It is very difficult for a child to break out of such a vicious circle.

To console you, I will add, most of these problems end in adolescence.